In 2019 with an effort to provide safe, high-quality medical care to underserved areas, Survival Flight Inc. expanded and began Survival Flight EMS, LLC, our Ground EMS division.

In just a short time this division has expanded to include nearly thirty EMS units that are staffed by over two-hundred employees serving communities in both Arkansas and Oklahoma.

Survival Flight EMS ground units have slashed response times in the areas we serve. The City of Heber Springs, our first ground EMS location, was recently recognized and awarded as a “Trendsetter City” by the Arkansas Municipal League for having made their change to Survival Flight EMS and for the associated decrease in EMS response times for the citizens and guests of their community.

 Survival Flight EMS currently holds partnerships with:

  • City of Heber Springs, AR
  • Wellston, OK
  • City of Walters/Cotton County, OK
  • Cities of Duncan and Marlow, OK
  • Cleburne County, AR
  • Van Buren County, AR
  • Cities of Snyder, Mountain Park, Roosevelt and Kiowa County, OK

Our ground EMS team, and the support from the communities we serve, has helped us to continue to pursue our mission of serving our customers and communities with unsurpassed quality and rapid medical services.

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New base expands Survival Flight reach in the air and on the ground

SEARCY COUNTY, AR – Today, Survival Flight, a company that provides emergency medical air and ground transportation for critically injured patients, announced that their new base in Searcy County, Arkansas begins operations this week.

The new base will provide ambulances for quick ground transportation to surrounding hospitals, expanding Survival Flight’s ground ambulance reach. Additionally, nearby Survival Flight 18 in Fairfield Bay is improving its operations with a new Bell 407 aircraft.

“Survival Flight is thankful for the opportunity to serve this community,” Survival Flight CEO Chris Millard said. “Our mission is to serve our customers with high-quality, rapid medical care, and we’re excited for the opportunity to expand our ground services into this part of Arkansas.”

The grand opening will take place at the Searcy County Airport (894 Airport Rd. Marshall) with the new ambulances, and the helicopters and fixed wing aircraft from Survival Flight 18 in attendance.

Survival Flight is headquartered in Batesville. In addition to this new base, Survival Flight also has nineteen other bases in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.